About Block A Chip

Our very first paint protection film project, a 2003 Corvette. Covered with 3M paint protection film

Fifteen years and going...

In 2018, Block A Chip is celebrating its 15th anniversary. We're grateful to thousands of our customers for their support and we're very excited to continue offering our services into the future!

Block A Chip idea was born in 2003 out of a need to protect a newly acquired vehicle. Albert Helcberger (pictured with his 2003 Corvette), the company founder and owner decided to start the paint protection service after testing and seeing first hand the benefits of the paint protection film on his brand new car. With an extensive graphic design background, attention to detail and a true passion for everything on wheels, Block A Chip was officially launched in 2003!

Block A Chip at its early days, applying 3M clear bra to a 2005 Porsche 911.

Continue and grow...

For fifteen years we have promoted the benefits of paint protection film. We continue to grow and have earned the trust of car enthusiasts and dealerships throughout the region. 

Each year we hone our skills, adjust to the latest vehicle models and test new aftermarket products. We've added several complementing services (coatings, paint correction, tint, etc), expanded our facility to accommodate bigger and more complex projects and added new talent to our team. 

(picture - Albert with the original helper, his father, tackling a Porsche 911 film install, circa 2005) 

From clear bra, paint correction to window tint, cermaic coating and graphics for your car.

How can we help you?

With thousands of installs and projects under our belt (and thousands of satisfied customers) we're ready to start your project! 

Whether  you're  looking to protect your car with paint protection film, ceramic coating, or perfect your car's finish, we're determined to provide you with the best professional quality and service. 

We're looking forward  to hear from you!

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