Paint Correction

What is it and do I need it?

Confused about the paint correction process and what it entails? We’re here to help. Paint Correction is a term commonly used by the detail community to describe the process of the elimination of surface imperfections (swirl marks, scratches, blemishes, etching, haze, oxidation, etc.) and rejuvenating the vehicle's paint surface. 

Typically, the process involves a thorough wash and paint decontamination. Once the surface is free of contaminates, the process of polishing begins. It is usually a multistage process using various grades of polish and cutting compounds that remove surface material and ultimately refine the paint. 

The process can be time consuming and requires a great amount skill and training. As the paint is being refined, it is critical that only the necessary amount of surface is removed to achieve the desired results without risking irreversible damage. Once the paint is corrected, when viewed in the direct sunlight, the paint should appear swirl and mark-free.

Does your vehicle require this paint correction service?

So how does your paint look? Is it dull, can you see scratches and imperfections in the paint? 

Even if your car is brand new, straight from the dealer's floor, very often, the paint may need some level of correction. During transport and after delivery to the dealership, vehicles are handled by multiple people and exposed to scratches and surface damage. Scratches and swirl marks are often caused by improper washing or accidental, abrasive contact.

We're happy to schedule an appointment to perform a paint evaluation and go over the vehicle with you. There are many levels of paint correction service and depending on your ultimate goal and budget, we may have a service package that meets your needs. 


After your vehicle goes through the paint correction process, we recommend that you read our paint care tips (link on this page). It will help you keep your vehicle looking great for many years to come. 

We'd be happy to answer any questions and schedule your appointment.


Helpful paint care tips

After paint correction service is performed on your vehicle, download our paint care guide. 

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