Paint Protection Film (clear bra) XPEL Ultimate in the process of being installed on the iconic Enzo

Paint Protection Film (clear bra)

The best protection that you can't see!

Whether your car is a restored classic, sporty two-seater, passenger vehicle, racecar, everyday SUV or an RV you can now protect it with Xpel Ultimate or 3M Paint Protection Film (clear bra). 

Paint Protection Film is specifically designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of exterior automotive finishes. It is ideal for protecting high-wear areas from damage caused by stone chips, abrasion, and most types of environmental hazards. 

No more unappealing, damage-causing bras and bugshields that damage your car's paint. The film can protect virtually any painted surface. It's great for vulnerable areas including the front end, rear-view mirrors, wheel wells, rocker panels, door edges, the fender and bumper areas and more. Best of all, the clear bra allows your vehicle's perfect paint job to shine through.

So what can you expect? 

·Professional installation: Don't allow someone to “experiment” or "practice" film installation on your car. Block A Chip was founded in 2003, and with over 15 years of installation experience, we guarantee that the film will be installed by the best technicians in the industry.  We are trusted by car collectors, exotic car enthusiasts, and "every-day car" owners wanting to protect their vehicles. 

·Precision installation: For most vehicles we use a computer-cut, precision clear bra film kit that is specifically designed for your vehicle. Custom installations are also possible and available.

·Quality products: We only use the best paint protection films available in the industry. Our primary film, XPEL Ultimate, is yellowing-resistant, has a self-healing clear coat from scratches and a 10 year warranty.

What else should I know about paint protection film?

·The film is excellent for hoods, valances, mirrors, rocker areas, etc.

·The film can be removed, without damaging properly cured paint. It will not split or tear.

·Its high-gloss finish is designed to match the clear coat finish of automotive paint systems, providing virtually seamless protection.

·The film is ideal for new and refinished vehicles.

·Once the film has been properly applied, after the 24-hour period, only basic care is needed to keep the film looking great for many years. 

·You will be able to maintain that "like new" look of your vehicle for many years.

So are you ready to protect the beautiful finish on your precious set of wheels? Clear bra paint protection maximizes your cars resale value and is one of the most popular automotive aftermarket products and offered by several luxury car manufacturers, including BMW, Ferrari and Lotus as an optional accessory product.

Time after time, our customers are more than pleased with the results. So email or call us to learn more about protecting your vehicle. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate, schedule an appointment, or simply answer your question about our products and services. We offer competitive prices on our service, factory-trained installers and our attention to detail will assure you that the paint protection film is installed correctly the first time!

Care and Maintenance

For more film care tips and products, please visit our Downloads page. 

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Popular Clear Bra Packages - XPEL film insallation options


Partial Front End Protection

We call this option "Driver's Basic Package". The film protects the most critical front end areas of the vehicle. With this option, approximately 20" of the hood is covered, along with partial fenders, mirrors and a full front bumper. The price of this option ranges between $750.00 and $900.00.


Full Front End Protection

This package is becoming one of our most popular options. The film covers the entire front end of the vehicle, including full hood and fenders, mirrors and front bumper. Unlike the partial front end coverage, this package covers the panels completely, eliminating the line across the hood, offering the maximum amount of protection. Price range for this option ranges between $1550.00 and $1900 for most vehicles.


Miscallanous Options

Many customers are interested in protecting other vulnerable areas of their vehicles. Other popular options include: rocker panels, headlights, door handle cups, A-pillars, door sills and more.