Installation Options

On-Site and In-House service and which is right for you.

Block A Chip is based in Mentor, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland), serving the Ohio and Western Pennsylvania regions (see below for our satellite installation locations).

We offer On-Site service on a case-by-case basis. Our services are complex, and depending on the services selected, can require large blocks of time to complete. Please read the following conditions required for On-Site installation. 

On-Site Service

The On-Site service option is only available for the paint protection film service. This option is available for dealerships, automotive rental centers and some private residences that meet acceptable* workspace conditions. The customer provides the installation space and we bring the rest. 

This option is suitable for smaller paint protection film installations where only parts of the vehicle are covered (e.g. partial hoods, front bumpers and smaller misc. areas) and the install can be completed within 3-4hrs. 

*It is critical that the installation area can maintain a temperature of at least 65°F (this is especially critical during the cold season) and does not exceed 78°F. Other important requirements: good lighting (ideally fluorescent or LED), adequate space around the vehicle and a clean, dust and wind-free environment, the vehicle must be clean and we require access to cold /warm water.

The above requirements are crucial to the installation process and to assure that our work is done at the highest level. (please see below for examples of good vs. bad installation spaces)

Dealership Installation Service: We can install the clear bra on your brand new car before it leaves the dealership. 

We'll work with your dealer to arrange your installation. (Availability of this service and options vary depending on the dealer location and seasonal availablilty. Please contact us to arrange and discuss further.)

In-House Service

Our preference is that you bring your vehicle to our secure facility in Mentor, Ohio. Our space is specifically designed to deliver the highest quality results. All services offered can be performed in our shop regardless of the project size, complexity, or optional services requested. 

Additional Installation Locations

For our Pittsburgh PA, area customers we can arrange your installation through the Sewickley Porsche Dealership in Sewickley PA. (services available: paint protection film, paint correction, ceramic coatings)

For Columbus, OH area customers, our service is available through Studio 47 located in Westerville OH. (services available: paint protection film)

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Work Environment - ON SITE

Good quality working space.


A well-lit, clean, and spacious work environment  will lead to quality results. 

Not-so-good working space.


A cramped, poorly-lit and dusty environment will affect the quality of the installation.