Window TINT Installation

Beauty. Privacy. Safety. Comfort.

Privacy, aesthetics, and safety are great reasons for adding window tint to your vehicle. The sleek appearance of dark, limo-like, windows enhance the uniqueness of your car while providing privacy for the occupants.

But wait, there's more..

As an added bonus, window tint reduces interior heat during hot summer days. Window tint blocks thermal rays, making the occupants more comfortable without the need to run the AC to the max! The tint reduces harmful UV ray exposure on your skin and reduces premature fading and aging of your vehicle's interior surfaces. Finally, window film adds a degree of safety by helping to hold broken glass in place in the event of an accident or vandalism. 

There are many options and levels of tint available. Even if the tint is not very dark, it will still cut down on the amount of heat and UV rays entering the vehicle. Often the tint level (VLT - Visible Light Transmitted) is a personal preference. The higher the percentage, the lower the tint. So a 100% tint would have no tint and a 5% tint would be very dark, similar to a limo tint. 

There are also legal tint laws that apply to vehicles. For example, in Ohio, the law states that the Windshield must allow more than a total of 70% light in. Front Side Windows must allow more than a total of 50% light in and Back Side Windows, any VLT can be applied to this window.

How to care for window tint?

We have some helpful tips on keeping your window tint looking great.

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